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Betwixt & Between Tapes is an occasional series of split cassette tape EPs: an opportunity to explore points of connection between traditional folk tunes and playing styles, improvised music-making, and drone-based / ambient music.


Each edition is a C30 tape: one 15 minute side featuring my music, either solo or with collaborators, and the other 15 minute side featuring a guest artist or band. 

Betwixt & Between 8:
Sullow / The Silver Field

Betwixt & Between 7:
Shovel Dance Collective / C Joynes

Betwixt & Between 6:
Jacken Elswyth / Ryan Eyers

Betwixt & Between 5:
Jacken Elswyth / Alula Down

Betwixt & Between 3:
Jacken Elswyth / Sproatly Smith

Betwixt & Between 4:
Jacken Elswyth / Quinie

Betwixt & Between 2:
Jacken Elswyth / Pataphysical feat. Ed Luker

Betwixt & Between 1:
Jacken Elswyth / Laurel Uziel and David Grundy

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